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Founded in 1878 by Henry J Coles and his 3 brothers Fredrick Walter and Ernest in an engineering workshop in London was bought  from liquidators by Grove in 1984 Grove who called the combined unit Grove Coles Ltd. In 1998 Grove dropped the Coles name from their title and stopped manufacturing truck cranes to concentrate on AT cranes.

Founded in 1947, Grove is among the world's leading producers of mobile hydraulic cranes. Their product line extends to rough terrain, all terrain, truck mounted and Yardboss, industrial cranes. Grove also makes custom-made military cranes for armed forces worldwide. The first to introduce a slewing rough terrain crane and trapezoidal boom, Grove continues to be one of the most innovative crane manufacturers. Grove also has one of the most comprehensive arrays of mobile cranes, from small but powerful Yardboss cranes, designed for jobs in tight quarters, to massive seven axle all-terrain cranes capable of lifting a load of 550 tons.

Since the foundation in 1895, KATO has made breakthroughs by using their creativeness and independent vision. Constantly taking the role of trailblazer upon themselves throughout the industry's history has brought them to where they are today. KATO intend to keep striving to provide customers with quality products and service.

In 1995 Grove purchased the German group Krupp to obtain their latest technology and added the GMK Series to their line, Grove was then acquired by Manitowoc.

Manitowoc is the world's largest and most recognized crawler crane maker. Concentrating only on crawler and lattice-boom truck cranes, their name is virtually synonymous with crawler cranes. Manitowoc stands apart in that all of their crawler cranes are built with a modular design allowing for unmatched flexibility in attachments, making Manitowoc cranes some of the most cost-effective and flexible on the market. As the crawler crane market leader, Manitowoc maintains their dominance by producing dependable, productive, and technologically advanced cranes, with the largest crawlers capable of lifting over 2500 tons.


Founded in 1970, Terex has grown into the one of the world's largest crane manufacturers. Not only does Terex build some of the world largest and most powerful cranes, their cranes are also among the most flexible and technologically advanced. Terex cranes frequently feature safety features and performance enhancements unique to Terex.

Originally Kobe Steel, Kobelco Crane specializes in crawler cranes. Kobelco Cranes are engineered for efficiency, comfort, productivity and durability. Currently Kobelco is the OEM supplier for Manitowoc North America and Europe, producing the Manitowoc cranes sold in these regions. Kobelco produces one of the most diverse crawler crane lines, and their current line incorporates cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tons.

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